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Scrap Gold & Silver

Scrap Gold & Silver

Do you have defective gold jewelry, dental gold or other old gold, platinum, palladium or silver objects? If you would like to sell any of these, then you have come to the right place!

Old gold

All types of jewelry which, for reasons of quality or Zeitgeist are not suitable for resale, are suitable for melting. The same applies to defective wristwatches and pocket watches, as well as dental gold.

We check the gold content hallmark index using test acids and of course also the weight, to enable us to then make you a binding purchase offer. In doing so, we always rely on the current international gold price.

Old silver

We buy any form of silver, i.e. cutlery, bowls, cups, figurines or other.

Silver cutlery must have an 800 or 925 hallmark, see hallmark index. Important: Silver knives usually have only a fine silver handle surface, the rest is made of filling material.

Please note: Silver-plated objects carry a 90 or 100 hallmark and are worth far less than the "real" silver objects.

Since silver jewelry is usually not weighty, we recommend that our customers pass it on to friends or acquaintances: who knows, perhaps you will bring someone great joy!

Platinum, palladium and dental gold

You are welcome to offer us jewelry made of platinum or palladium as well as dental gold. Jewelry made of these metals can also be recognized by the hallmarks PL950 or PD, see hallmark index.

Please note:

Payment: If our offer is accepted, we will pay you the purchase amount in cash or you can have it transferred to us via e-banking. Transfers are made by e-banking by 12 pm (midday) on the same day or the next morning at the latest. We do this in a straightforward and professional way, and have been doing so since 1987.

All purchases are made against proof of identity. You will need to allow us to make a copy of your proof of identity.

The purchase of assets is a delicate business. As a family business, we think and act in terms of generations. Accordingly, we must and may decide whether, what and from whom we buy something. In rare cases this can lead to disappointment – but this is the price of our freedom to say NO.

Thank you for your understanding.

Please make an appointment, thank you.