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Passion turned into profession: As a long-standing member of the Association of Swiss Professional Numismatists (VSBN), we not only cultivate and look after a diverse clientele from all over the world, but have also set ourselves the goal of making as much information as possible available free of charge to all interested parties. We offer a hitherto unrivaled overview of all Swiss banknotes and coins from the Helvetic Republic (1798) until today with thousands of prices and countless pictures.

With great success! Every year, is visited by well over two million people – be they laypeople who want to inform themselves about the value of their treasured items, dealers, experienced collectors or thousands of our customers who can easily order missing coins or banknotes via this system.

The site is constantly updated with new information, for example all coins and banknotes from the Principality of Liechtenstein were added in 2018. Of course, this project was not, and is not, free of charge – it is financed by all the loyal customers who place their trust in us when buying or selling their treasured items. We are known far beyond Switzerland's borders, not only for offering the largest selection of Swiss coins and banknotes, but also for constantly expanding this selection through small and large purchases.

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