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Historical Postcards

Historical postcards

At the beginning of the eighties I began to collect and trade old postcards: the wonderful graphics as well as the lively photographs immediately appealed to me. What is very interesting about this field of collection is that the collector never knows exactly what to expect, because a complete overview of all postcards ever produced will probably never be available. Digitalization has not only massively increased the purchasing possibilities via the different internet platforms, it nowadays also enables the collection itself to be recorded and archived in a user-friendly and simpler way.

Today we have a large selection of historical postcards, neatly sorted by theme and by Swiss locality. We are now continuously working on our internet project so that our customers will be able to view the rich portfolio in the vibrant and growing digital library far into the future. All postcards that have already been sold remain visible in the system - so that the many collectors can get a rough overview of this huge area and benefit from it.

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