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Johannes Müller

Numismatics / Philately / Gold / Monetary economics

Reni Müller

Jewelry / Administration / Accounting

Adrian Müller

Gold / Silver / Monetary economics

Lukas Müller

Watches / Jewelry / Numismatics

Guiding principles

We are a family business dedicated to real values: Reliability and honesty are not just buzzwords, they are the cornerstones of our actions.

Our livelihood comes exclusively from our customers, who freely and willingly buy from or sell something to us. We offer extremely wide-ranging expertise, a huge array of products, as well as valuable trade contacts.

We honor the spoken word or a handshake. At the same time, we want to preserve the freedom to reject a deal. A good deal requires a good gut-feeling. Before and after a transaction. We seek and value such business and relationships.

We pay all our bills within 48 hours, because we only buy what we can afford. So that we can continue to exist in the future. We are not interested in short-term success, we appreciate sustainable, long-term successes.

We would like to thank all our customers for the trust they have placed in us. It is only thanks to them that we have had the great freedom to be able to realise our vocation for almost 40 years.

Come and visit us, you are very welcome!

Adrian, Lukas, Reni and Johannes Müller

History and Activities

As early as the beginning of the eighties the passionate collector Johannes Müller started trading old postcards. Even at an early age, he realised that sustainable business success was based on long-term activities that served the customer. As early as 1985, he organized the CARTOPHILA 85 in the Kursaal in Bern, an exhibition and exchange with over 1,000 visitors.

With the takeover of the long-established stamp specialist Kilchherr, he launched his stamp business on the 1st floor of Neuengasse 38 in Bern.

Just four years later he was able to take over the shop of the jeweler’s Droz – his wife Reni recognized the opportunity and successfully started another area of business: "Jewelry with history" is her specialty, which has to this day led her with heart and expertise to great success. Since the beginning of her business activities, Reni Müller has made a significant contribution to the success of our family business with her valuable background and hard work, and of course as the heart and soul of the company.

In addition to the retail shop, we participate in numerous, regular foreign trade fairs in Europe, the USA and Hong Kong, which has led to valuable business contacts all over the world, which in turn have led to wonderful friendships that continue to this day.

A strong interest in history, society, economics and laws of nature guided Johannes Müller to the Austrian School of Economics. The knowledge gained about the importance of the monetary system for the prosperity of a society motivated him to establish a small publishing house, producing books and video series.

Ideas about freedom of the individual inevitably lead to gold and silver: a consequence of precisely this line of thinking was the establishment of the precious-metal trading company ECHTGELD AG in 2010.

Two years later OrSuisse AG was founded with two partners. This included the development of a new storage concept outside the banking system. Gold and silver can be easily transported and transferred with the OrSuisse storage note and deposited by the owner as collateral.

In the same year, the largest Internet project to date was launched after a long period of preparation: the first free online catalog for Swiss coins and banknotes. The number of visitors today is over two millions per year. The site is constantly being expanded with special areas and illustrated with thousands of images. In 2018, all Liechtenstein coins from 1862 onwards were added and cataloged.

In 2014, the website went online; this is a project that collects and continually adds to collectors' items on the theme of the Swiss National Day. Not a great commercial success, but the large amount of positive feedback from enthusiastic collectors gives us the necessary motivation for further projects.

In 2016, we dared to carry out a complete renovation which involved a six-month closure of our store: Massive structural protection measures against robberies and attempted break-ins, combined with the latest high-quality alarm and surveillance technology have paid off: thanks to the wonderfully designed shop fittings by the joinery company König, we now enjoy a shop ambience in which not only our customers, but also we, feel very comfortable.

Our first son, Adrian Müller, fully entered the family business in 2017. He mainly takes care of ECHTGELD AG, regularly helps out in the shop and provides valuable research work.

Lukas J. Müller, our second son, decided in 2018 to fully participate in the family business. His wealth of knowledge is already considerable and is growing every day. He has a special interest in watches, jewelry and coins. He also researches future areas of business, which are opened up by new technical possibilities.